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Music is Good [[1]]

Posted by Maxinied on April 24, 2010 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello everyone :)

Music has been a very big part of my life in the past year and a half. But I listened to music probably since I was born. But the past year and a half; there is one band that stood out from the rest. Would you like to know which band that was?


Paramore, I have loved them since All We Know Is Falling and until now Brand New Eyes. I will love them for an eternity.

There music helped me. I dont know how to describe it, but when I listened to there music, I just felt like it was an escape, like I could escape from the world for a little while as I listen to there music. I dont know about you guys' but I love music that has a meaning to it. I meanlike a true meaning . A meaning of love/hate/sadness/anger all those emotions. If it werent for music in this world, or if paramore never existed and I couldnt listen to music that has meaning to it. I would probably be dead. But if you guys' want to check Paramore's music out, I'll be gladly to help you out. Just send me a message

Also, there is another thing. I. Believe. In. God. [♥] I see things' clearer now, then every before.

If you guys like these blogs, music blogs I will be ever so delighted to post em' :) And if its okay with Miranda post some stories ;)

Bye for now

Love Max

-M [♥]