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Beware Of The Boy In The Tree

Posted by Miranda on May 30, 2010 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)


The following story has been told to me through many different sources. all with the same ending, Beware Of The Boy In The Tree. As far as I know, no one knows who this mysterious little boy is, or what happened to him when he was alive, or how he died. No one knows why he haunts the Camrose Cemetery or what he gets out of scaring poor bystanders. The story that i have heard has been this; Beware of the boy in the camrose cemetery, he is in a tree and he can harm you, or even just scare you, but beware of him.

 When my friend who i used to go to school with but then she moved away to Spruce Grove, came down to camrose to hang out with us, Caitlyn, Maxine, and I. We hung outside for awhile and then Maxine had to go home, so Caitlyn and I decided that we would go walking around the creek. We got the walking path that leads to the Ski hill and the creek, and Becki (my friend from Spruce Grove) wondered what the one area of grass was for, and we told her that it was the new part of the cemetery. she was like thats cool. and i suggested that we go and walk around there. so we walked on the path of the new part of the cemetery, which no one is burried in yet. when we got to the actuall entrance of the cemetety , which is marked by 2 road blocks at the moment, there was a HUGE gust of wind pushing the three of us inside. Before this gust of wind, it was raining a bit, and it was a tad windy, but not that bad. we just started walking around randomly, looking at random headstones. and we finally made our way towards the back of the cemetery and Becki took out her camera and started randomly taking pics in the cemetery. The first picture she took she found a little boy in it, in a tree, she had never heard the story of the boy in the tree so Caitlyn and I had to tell her. then we all felt really angry, we looked at the picture again and found out that the tree that the little boy was in was right beside us, i jumped and started RUNNING away from it. i did not want anythign to do with the little boy. after that we all started picking up on vibes, Caitlyn is the most sensitive, and she started following someone. Becki kinda followed Caitlyn, but i went my own way for a bit since it felt like some one was tryign to get my atention, i felt someone pulling my attention all over the place testing my skills and seeing if i could follow them, i could and so i just started walking again. i stopped at a few graves along the way, and then i stopped at one specificly, and now i cant remeber the name, but as soon as i sropped at that grave i became aware of my surroundings and i stated to follow caitlyn again. then i started to feel sad and saw a blue square light on top of a grave, which happened to be where caitlyn stopped. i ran to catch up with her and asked her if she saw the blue light too, and she was like yah but now its gone, which was true as soon as i had seen it and started running towards it, it dissapeared. But when i looked at the grave i knew why i was sad, there were four peopel burried in one lot. either all cremated or half and half or all burried one on top of the other. I do remember their names. Stuckey- Albert W. and his wife wilma, i think and there daughter Bessie, and i forget the sons name. Caitlyn if u rememeber the actual name pleae just comment below on what they actually  are! ... after we saw that really sad grave we decided that we should go home, as we were leaving Caitlyn noticed another lindberg grave Wiliam Lindberg. (lindberg is my Aunts married name) i dont know why i did this but i thought with my heart and i knelt down on one knee, and put my right hand on the top of the headstone. I was overwhelmed with sadness and started crying, somehting was very wrong with that man. I didnt know what and i didnt have time to find out. we had to go but the whole time we walked home i was crying and i couldnt explain why. I slept at my grammas house that night and i kept hearing some one, or something IN my closet which was closed, and i knew it was not my cat since she was not even in my room and she would not have been able to get into my closed closet. and i kept waking up in the middle of the night, becaus ei felt some one was in my rom with me or becuse i heard another noice. and Caitlyn felt the exact same way.

When me and caitlyn had a sleep over just one night later we went back to the cemetery to try and find the tree in which the boy was in. we could not find it. we looked at almost every tree that was facing the road, and none of them matched the tree that the boy was in. how mysterious, that the tree along with the boy, has dissapeard.


the pictures below are from Beckis camera, but i took a picture of her picture on my phone, and posted it here, thats why you see writing on the screen, and the big black line through the picture is just a crack in her cameras screen!



The picture that Becki had taken, Zoomed in on the tree that the boy was in.


 The same picture as above just zoomed in even more and on the boys face alone. where u can see his hair, eyes, nose and mouth very clearly!

When i started believein and One of the worst experiences

Posted by ~baby~boo~love~ on April 24, 2010 at 2:32 AM Comments comments (2)

A few years ago, I was sitting in my room it was around 6-30 ish,My parents and every one went out so i was alone, i was listenin to music,It wasnt that loud so i could hear pretty much everything.and i heard the floor creak, thought it was nothing cuz it did it all the time. Then my door opened when i looked to see if some one was home there was no one there so i went and sat on my bed again and out of the corner of my eye i seen a huge black figure so of course i turned my head to see wat it was, It was a Huge black wolf with bright greenish yellow eyes, standing in the corner of my room watching me.(we didnt have a dog or cat) thats when i started to take an interest in paranormal activity, and investigation of ghosts and spirits.


Two nights after that, i was walkin home from the park with my cuzzin, and when we got to the deck the lights were turned off and it was really dark, and i looked over to see if any one was outside and there was what looked like a person standing in our yard, and i looked back at the door thinking nothing of it. my cuzzin was still fumbling for her keys, and i looked back and the figure had goten closer, by this time i was gettin freaked out.  so i looked back at the door. waited, a few seconds my cuzzin got the door unlocked and almost open i turned around to see if the figure was still there and it was practically not even three feet away from me. i couldnt move at all, then it started to move, but its legs werent moving, then there was a growling sound and my cuzzin opend the door all the way so the light came out to where i was standing and the figure disapeard. i couldnt move at all, i couldnt speak i was terrified.

Ever since that day, it feels like some one has been watching me, every where i go, every thing i do, theres like some one watching me, its sometimes a good feeling but other times its really bad.



2 of MY paranormal Experiences!

Posted by Miranda on April 24, 2010 at 1:07 AM Comments comments (7)

Hello, my family and I believe that our home is haunted, we live in a douplex, and in the next house over there was apparently a suicide. Even though i do not know the details of the suicide, I am almost wondering if it is conected. We constantly hear what sounds like someone walking down the hall upstairs, while no one is up there. We also feel very uncomfortable when we are in the basement. There are a total of 4 lights downstairs, each one has its own light switch, if the main light is on, it lights most of the front half of the basement, and a bit of the second half. Usually I do not turn on the second light, because it is not really needed. Once you get to the back half of the basement, you feel as though someone is down there with you, watching you, and it feels very uncomfortable. Most of the time I try to just close my eyes and find the string, to turn on the light. The string, on the first pull, does not always turn the light on, and if you open your eyes right before the light turns on, most people see something in the far side of the basement, just standing staring at them!


I do not know why but it seems that where ever i stay seems to be haunted! My friend, who just lives a few douplexes away from me, lives in a haunted house as well. One night when I slept over at her house, a few years back, I was just starting to believe in ghost, spirits and all that kind of stuff. We were bored and eventually decided that at 11:00pm we were going to ghost hunt in her basement! What led me to want to ghost hunt was the first time i slept over my friends head started to levitate, the rest of her body looked like it did normally. She was staring at me with a huge creepy grin on her face. I jumped and when i blinked i looked back at my friend and she was facing the other way and she was sound asleep. The same night i also heard what sounded like a dog scratching the carpet, or someone dragging themselves across it. My friend does have a dog, but the dog NEVER goes into the basement, because its too cold for her and my friends door was closed that night, so there was no way anyone could have gotten in. The second time i slept over at my friends house we went ghost hunting, and we caught amazing pictures and proof that something was in that house! There was a picture of a redish orange orb and in the picture you could see it moving, towards the window. We also got a few pictures of what looks like an old-fashioned nun, talking to a man. Me and my friend took pictures one after the other and in her pictures the Womans mouth was closed, in mine, open! These are just a few of the things that have happened in her house, along with, hand-prints in black ink (the size of a kids approx. 9-12 years old) letters written in red ink, scattered around the house, in the order we found them it spelled out "Get away" and then what looked like a thumb print, but when I took a picture of it and zoomed in, it looked like an owl!

The story behind the owl is... we think that IT is a shape-shifter, not the creepy clown most people believe him to be. IT can shift into any animal, as far as we know its only animals. The only thing is that the animal will be a dark brownish black, and me and my friend have seen IT as a dog, not sure what breed, and also as an owl.